One way to judge the approximate day that the fry will be born (it’s never going to be an exact calculation) is to note the date that you first see the gravid spot. Spending regular time watching them is a good way to spot illness or distress in your fish. Her belly is still fairly large as well. The darker it becomes, the closer she is to giving birth. I learned a lot of things!!! Whatever the reason for the early start they begin breeding as soon as they are mature enough. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. (The “earthy” part of me wonders if this has anything to do with the They are born ready to swim away. Only then does she release the eggs, giving birth to live fry that can swim and accept food. Don't buy fish if you don't have an aquarium large enough to accommodate them. And the fry can be born on an almost monthly basis too. Her belly will be swollen and rounder, and she will develop a black spot near her anal fin, called a 'gravid spot.' A little over a week ago, I assumed that she gave birth because there were several new fry in my tank. Another sign that your female Platy is pregnant is that she develops a dark spot on her abdomen. For the so called live bearing fish, like Guppies, hatching their eggs internally means that none of those eggs will be eaten by predators before they hatch. They are pretty. If the water temp is right which is 75-80 degrees, and they have a hidden area in the tank, they will give birth easily. Yh platys r beautiful are'nt they my father breeds them..he as lots. Especially if you weren’t planning to breed your Platys! Having so little time available to multiply is probably one of the reasons that the Platy starts to breed at an early age. This article was co-authored by Craig Morton. The gametes are directed towards the inside of the female Platy’s anal fins. I have been told that female Platys won’t breed in overcrowded or poorly kept aquariums. You can see now why I said approximately. Fast, helpful, simple. But with the arrival of COVID-19, the stakes are higher than ever. Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. A Platy fish reaches sexual maturity at around 4 months old. The babies will come out fully formed, and ready to eat. By using our site, you agree to our. If you watch your guppies closely, it may seem that the females are always pregnant The amount of fry born will depend on the female herself and the size and quality of the aquarium environment. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. The Platys fish is live bearing. unlocking this expert answer. When the time is right the pregnant female finds herself a quiet, secluded part of the tank. How Do You Know a Pregnant Lady Will Give Birth to a Baby Girl or Boy? Platy is a common name of freshwater fish in the genus Xiphophorus that lacks a "sword" at the bottom of their tails. Thanks! Most mammals give birth to live young. The last batch I only had one survive, the batch before I had 6 survive. I can't tell the sex at present because right now all babies look to be female, but I'm sure this can't be right and assume it just takes a tiny bit of time for it to become clear on the sex (they're 1 - 2 months old). So at around 4 months old your Platys will start to get the urge to mate. The fish was first brought to Europe in 1907 from South Mexico and Guatemala, where they live in lower reaches of rivers flowing into Atlantic Ocean. If you have a platy fish, then you might be wondering if it is pregnant. Though you never can tell. This is when spending time watching your fish each day reaps one of its many benefits. They do produce eggs, however, which the female platy carries in her belly until the eggs hatch. I have Platy fish. I need to know how sunset platys give birth because I have two of them in my aquarium! Or fit a breeder box/hatchery into the tank at the top. The female only needs to mate with a male once to give birth for several months in a row. But when is all this likely to begin? This is unusual: The majority of fish do not mate directly. In the … I do have some awesome tuxedo x red wag crosses. To give the fry the best chance of survival the hiding places need to be small. I think three of my platys look pregnant. A breeding trap is a plastic box with small holes that goes inside a fish tank. Or maybe it’s just the way they are. they give birth to live fry, they're not egglayers i recommend you either getting a bunch of plants for you main tank like water Thank you! If you spend some time each day watching your fish you’re likely to spot some changes in their behaviour. give birth definition: 1. I started taking all the decor out and saw 40+ babies as the parents were hunting them, so we started to suck them into the cleaner hose while holding the net under the end. Because with the Platy you never can tell how many babies are likely to appear. Which is useful to know, whether you want to breed them, or you would rather not. Hi guys, My tank has about 8 baby Platy's (fairly new so can't tell the sex) but I was wondering if Platy fry are weighed to one sex more than the other? My babies are resting at the bottom of the breeding net and they are doing just fine. or you get a separate breeding tank which should be at least a 5 gallon tank, and put the female in there ", the help. They are a species of primitive mammals called monotremes. Right before your fish is about to give birth, her cloaca is going to look dilated. He has a large community tank and his Platys decided to increase the population of the aquarium. You also have the option of leaving things to nature and seeing how many baby Platys you end up with over time. How long will it take for them to drop the fry? I see 20-30 fry, some look like they're still in the egg. ", section. Then count 24- 30 days. This is caused by the eyes of the unborn fry pressing against her scales. This article has been viewed 237,060 times. Hi, platy can give birth over a few days, or have the lot in one go, even hold them back a few extra weeks if they feel like it, if shes still huge she will prob wait until dark to give birth, the eggs could be cories. Expert Interview. Shortly after they spawn, the abdomen of the fish will increase in size. Thanks! ", "This was very helpful. And it’s no different with the Platy fish. The reason for this is that the dark colouration of the gravid spot is caused by the developing Platy babies (fry). This is called a gravid spot. Once she has conceives the female platy can give birth to 20-40 fry at a time. Just how many baby Platy fish can you expect to be born once your female Platy is pregnant? Feed the fish small amounts several times a day, about as much food as they can eat in three minutes. Until I did a bit of research I didn’t realise that the Platy fish is a livebearer and they don’t lay eggs at all. Guppies are part of the group of tropical fish known as livebearers, meaning that they give birth to live, swimming babies instead of laying eggs. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Temp is also a big factor> Slow Growing Fry Like other platys, Mickey Mouse fish breed easily. Learn how to manage anxiety like a therapist. She will start to isolate herself from the rest of the fish in your aquarium. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Great customer service and just an overall good company. If you’re a female Platy it’s just a normal part of procreation. The female may hide in a secluded area from the rest of the fish in the days leading up to the birth. So even if the gravid spot isn’t visible due to your Platy’s colouring, there are other things to look out for that indicate that labour is imminent. As the fry get nearer to being born, and are pushing against the inner wall of the abdomen, it’s sometimes possible to see the eyes of the fry if mummy Platy is pale in colour. When you apply these tips, you place your pregnant platy fish in a position to give birth to vibrant fishes. Platy fry are born more or less fully developed - they hatch from eggs inside their mothers' bodies - so they aren't difficult to care for. It not only swells up but it ‘squares off’ as the female nears the birthing time. Also i wil not be housing her in a small birth box, because im not entirely sure that she is pregnant but i know there is a male in the tank and they have been mating. The female'a vent will transform from circular and rounded to square. Another thing to look out for is a change in shape of the abdomen. Here is the formula to calculate your numerology birth number and get more insight into your life path, along with several examples. If you’ve spotted signs that your female Platy is pregnant the next question you’re likely to ask yourself is, ‘When will my Platy fish give birth?’ The answer to which can help you to prepare for your new arrivals. Dense leafy plants, whether live or soft artificial ones, make great places for the fry to hide in. These fish are prolific breeders. Platys tend to stress out when you put them into a breeding trap, so small, separate 10-liter tanks might be better prior to the births. Good choices include bunch plants, such as anacharis and cabomba, floating plants like hornwort and water sprite, and mosses such as java moss. With over 30 years of aquarium experience, Craig specializes in creating custom aquarium designs along with aquarium installation and service. You can remove the fry to a separate tank if you prefer. This site gives me a lot of information, "I have a pretty big aquarium with about 25 mollies, 17 red wagon platys, and 13 comet goldfish. Prolific Livebearers Guppies are livebearers, which means females are internally fertilized by males and give birth to live babies rather than lay eggs. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Then, she will lay one or two eggs and place them between her rump and her tail to keep them warm. Actually no, the ones at the bottom are not necessarily dead. But now that I have just looked at her again, there it remains, the blackness in her belly. Answer: Based on my own experience, female platies are able to conceive by the time they are 4 months old. However, the fry do have a defence mechanism against being eaten as soon as they are born. You would know that Platys, Mollies and Guppy females can all hold sperm in their bodies for six months. She did seem sad lately (if fish could be sad). They can give you a cream to soothe the piles. I have a female platy fish who I presume is pregnant because she has the blackness in her stomach above her anal fin. You will probably also notice a change in the behaviour in your pregnant female Platy. If you are intending to breed and sell them, I would recommend a separate breeding tank. I saw this site and read the breeding, "This info is very helpful to me. Be on the lookout for pregnant fish. A platy fish looks pretty similar to mollies but also a little like … Platies are one of the most prolific fish and will increase their number exponentially. The Platy’s breeding process is quite simple. Make sure the water temp is correct. Please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Which I already knew how to do from my Mollies, but I was assuming that platy fish were different. I have a platy in a breeder box and its in its early pregnancy stage and I was wondering what I can do to make it give birth faster so it doesn't have to stay in the box for so long one of my platys seems to be pregnant but has been "pregnant" for a while now, 2 months atleast (when I know should be a few weeks) . Or anyone else’s fry for that matter. The aggressive way that a male Platy behaves when he wants to mate is one of the main reasons that getting your aquarium male to female ratio right is important. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. What does give birth to expression mean? No, platy fish do not lay eggs, they give birth to live fry. The male Platy’s idea of courtship involves a lot of chasing, pushing, nudging and generally pestering the female. Thank you for, "I had 2 red wagon platys. as long as there are lots of hiding places for them. I’ll definitely use them again! The general idea is that the mother is placed in the breeding trap, she gives birth, she is removed, and the fry are kept inside until they are big enough to fend for themselves (in a species tank, this may be as brief as a couple of weeks). For larger, healthier fry (baby Platys) feed the mother live food in addition to regular food during pregnancy. Many of them. The belly changes from an enlarged rounded shape to a more square shape. ", "Great article, great pictures. Now, this might make you think that this would decrease their rate of reproduction; but think again! Start feeding them twice a day to begin, and then four times a day when they start to get bigger. Females of this species are slightly larger than the males (about 2-3 inches or 5-7.5 cm in length). Then we ended up getting more than 30 and putting them with my other 12 babies. Which makes them easy to feed. This is the term used for the group of fish which do not lay eggs, rather, they give birth to living off-spring just like most mammals. Craig Morton is the CEO of Aquarium Doctor Inc. based in Huntington Beach California and servicing Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire. water wisteria. Last Updated: September 21, 2020 I have my female platy in the breeding tank and her previous babies in the bottom of the breeding fish hatchery ( not the platys she is going to have now) , i put her in the breeding tank sunday evening, i am concerned for the space of the baby platys, there are 7 of them and are not crowded but will they be okay? Platies. In addition to all that you’ll also notice your male Platy rubbing up alongside the female. If the water in the tank gets cloudy it may mean you are putting in too much food. Particularly if your Platy is so dark in colour that you can’t see the gravid spot. Platy fish profile and care information such as tank size, tank mates, life span, diet, breeding, behavior, tank setup and temperament. 21 July 2020. The bigger the fry grow – the larger and darker the gravid spot gets. I assume they are dead, right? Very highly recommended. And at the same time she’s finding a place that she feels is safe to give birth to her babies in. A pregnant female Platy usually behaves perfectly normally. Sometimes even up to 40 or more at a time. So she does her best to hide away out of sight of the other fish in the tank. Read more for tips from our Veterinary reviewer on safely breeding platy fish! You can combine them with older fish once they are full grown, which takes about 4 months. Some platy owners like to crush or grind pelleted or flaked food before feeding it to fry, as this will make it easier for them to eat. normally mature platy give birth every 2~3 months Erica: normally you wont get 100% lives babies. A minimum tank size of 29 gallons is recommended if you plan on letting your fish reproduce not letting them eat their fry. Because they are omnivores they enjoy both meaty and vegetable matter. link to Will Live Plants Help Cycle My Tank? Platies come in a variety of colors: orange, red, yellow, blue, white, or sunburst. ", in the fish tank. Favorite Answer A platy is normally pregnant for about 28 days after insemination. Too small for the bigger Platys and other adult fish to get into. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. A pregnant female Platy will develop a swollen tummy, which is often angular in shape rather than just rounded out. This is Rosie she is a Platy and this is her first lot of babies. As long as their environment and diet are healthy they will reproduce. Platy fish certainly don’t need any encouragement to breed. Almost the same as the adults (76-82F), but a little bit on the warm side. Look closely at your platy's underside, and note the two fins protruding from its belly. Platy fish are easy to care for and relatively hardy, making them great fish for beginners. Make sure you have a ratio of one male per 2 females or you will have problems. I know this sounds rather nasty but it’s just the way that Platy fish are. How can I tell if my platy fish is pregnant? Again fry are fine but mom was found dead yesterday. ", "My Red Wag Platy is pregnant, and I had no idea how to care for mother and fry. You can expect your platy fish to give birth during the night. Being new to fish keeping myself I just assumed that Platys reproduce by laying eggs. Caring for Your Platy Fish Use commercial fish food for the majority of your platy fishes' diet. But because the Platy is a prolific breeder there really is no guarantee of that. In this video I show the signs of imminent birth with the example of a guppy female. What is the size of platy fry at the time of birth? 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