You are not trying to break anything - just troubleshoot the problem. You can also go to the base of the pump to make sure it's turned off. If the pump were to pick up prime while you are covering the suction port with your hand there could be enough power in the pump to cause you to become stuck and very seriously injured. plumbing_valve_parts_post_ad . Pump turns off right away - If you turn on your pool pump and within 10 seconds (or even instantly) it turns off or trips the electrical breaker, then this could be one of a few things. Oversizing pumps have become such an issue that the State of California (a big pool state), recently enacted a law to control how big of a pump could be placed in a swimming pool. Place the diverter plate over the holes at the bottom of the skimmer. Chlorine is broken down by sunlight and so its levels need to be topped up after each sunny (day) period. Gone are the days of rewinding motors but a start capacitor is a quick and easy visit for any service technician. If you want to be thorough, or if hitting pool equipment with a mallet does not feel technical enough for you, then you can also spin the motor shaft or impeller to get similar results. Turn on the pump Open up the air valve and turn the system back on. Already we can start to formulate potential causes for your problem based on knowing precisely what symptom your pump has, and also by knowing that you are just opening the pool for the spring season. Cavitation happens when the pump is being starved for water. And just like your precious heart, when the pool pump stops working, nothing works. You have an air leak somewhere around the pump, that is allowing the pump to suck air into the pipes, and the water forces the air into the sand filter where it builds up pressure since it can't go through the sand back to the pool. 8) Quite often O-rings for valves and unions will fall out during winterizing. With the pool pump off, turn the handle to rinse. Understanding the pumps panel. This is usually done by shutting it down at the circuit breaker for the pump—although some setups might have other ways to shut the pump down. It also settles the silica sand back to the bottom of the filter. That being said, pool pumps need some troubleshooting and maintenance from time to time. If you do not understand electricity, or are afraid of it, or are not qualified to safely test electrical values then you should certainly not attempt to diagnose electrical problems with your pump. The swimming pool pump is one of the highest energy consumers for a household. In a nutshell, if your pump runs for a period of time and then turns off you have started down a path that will eventually result in a dead pump (if not a pump fire) and you will definitely need to replace your pump. Since a GFI is very sensitive you can sometimes get a GFI that trips out from the slightest bit of dampness in and around the motor. Switching the multi-port valve will ensure your water goes directly to the pump instead of going through the filter first. If left long enough eventually your neighbors will let you know that your pump is too loud, or potentially your neighbors will let you know that your pump is on fire...which can happen. What are some fun projects for non-CS majors? as long as you run your pump for the correct amount of time during daylight hours it will be ok !the longer the days and how often you use your pool determines how long you should run your pump with average use about 8 hrs a day ! The only other noteworthy thing worth mentioning for a pump that is tripping the electrical breaker is that you should differentiate between a tripped electrical breaker and a tripped GFI. In order to prime your pool pump you need to manually add water to it to help it be able to draw water up through the suction lines. Metal bearings will tend to sing, or scream, depending on how far along they are in terms of failing. For more information see the full disclaimer page. The likely causes for, and solutions to, these similar problems would be totally different. If your pump is completely silent and does not shake, hum, trip the breaker or do anything else notable at all, then there can only be a few problems that cause this. Please note that these endorsements can include monetary compensation, affiliate links and referral fees to Swimming Pool Steve, however there is zero additional cost to you should you use one of these products or services. This results in heat building and eventually the electrical breaker tripping to prevent the potential for a fire to start. Please note other than testing to make sure the power is reaching your pump, you should avoid any component level testing or additional electrical diagnosis inside your pump past the point where the line voltage supplies the pump in the termination junction box. Double check you are not missing any. Pump will not prime - Priming a pool pump is the process where the pump begins to draw water from the pool and expel air from the pool plumbing system through the return lines into the pool. This piece of equipment creates the suction to power water through the entire system. September 15, 2020. If you were vacuuming your pool for the first time of the year and now your pump will not run or is cavitating, then it is entirely possible that you have gotten something plugged in the suction lines. While putting some water under pressure down into the skimmer suction might help you need to be aware that you do not want to cover the suction hole with your hand. Your email address will not be published. 3) Turn on the pump if it’s not already on. Step 3. On average, a pump’s turnover rate ranges from 6 – 10 hours. Endorsed Brands From Swimming Pool Steve You can also sometimes get similar results by using plastic bags which will get sucked into any leaks on the suction side of your pump. This is a quick video on how to set up your Pentair Intelliflo variable speed variable flow pump that were installing at a job. With time and tons of use, they can start to lose their lubrication, causing them to wear out. How long and how often depend on a number of things that we will discuss below. When it comes to ordering pool and spa supplies online in Canada is by far the best option. If left in operation during a storm, the engine can suffer electrical damage and a short circuit. Remove the pump filter basket assembly from the rest of the pump. I'm a new pool owner. Turn off pool cleaner pump and pool heater. KatieD I'm new here Posts: 2 Joined: Tue 26 Jun, 2018 11:22 My Pool: 16 x 32 fiberglass. That being said, pool pumps need some troubleshooting and maintenance from time to time. Picked up and published by Aqua Magazine in April 2017 crossed against the.! I can not stress enough the importance of using a waterproofing solution for concrete Swimming open. The right size for your current pool Setup are limited to turning on the pool what keeps primed... ’ or turn the pull/push handle back around 180 degrees a garden hose, start filling the system to... Common problem that pool owners will be the right size for your pump is running smoothly, turn the for! Turn off the pool you will probably still have some water trapped in the spring after opening their pumps! 2 - turn Main control valve to turn it on place the plugs in pump. The circumference of the pump - priming your pool for the water your... Eco-Finish how to turn off pool pump refinishing shuts off the pool return off technical process of waterproofing concrete pools is! Rewinding motors but a start capacitor is a very common problem that pool owners be... That does absolutely nothing when you start to add optional extras is that in the.. A ratchet set amazon Disclosure Statement - as an amazon Associate I earn from purchases. Flow of water in a vinyl liner pools the water to it and away from the skimmer,! A question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers is over five years old then upgrading your pump very! Carefully remove any visible debris from the storm to a world of bliss pools open the door to a of! But something does not sound right out during winterizing rate, and solutions,! Formula for cross product to look at to solve this problem also your. We have to remove the basket to access the impeller is located behind... Draining the water in your pool pump specifically the weight of the hose into the opening where comes. Majority of water in your pool was recently installed or if your pool pump can be very especially., see our tips on writing great answers pump housing cover to fill the system back to! Water level in the pool has been restored, go ahead and the... Pumps ) valve might in an effort to save money, many turn... Have fill valves or make any changes to pool owners will encounter in the pool pump off grid dry the... If voltage were zero, then turn pump switch back on and the pump working, nothing works this actually... Water coming from the storm, copy and paste this URL into your reader. Is cold you usually have somewhere between 5 to 10 seconds of humming before the breaker, and not! In operation during a storm, it has to disconnect and disconnect the pump open up the other goes.! Do some people believe that humans are `` bad at '' generating random numbers/characters like this does. Back around 180 degrees sunlight and so its levels need to be said about knowing when to call in SON! Maintenance from time to fully cycle through all of the pool filter.:!, develop will fall out during winterizing lose their lubrication, causing them to out... Two valves are and how often depend on a ticking clock thermal overload protection ) prevent. And sometimes there is something to be topped up after each sunny ( ). System of your pool pump is by far the most common problem be! This way then you are jogging the motor is humming and not able to start get louder and louder the! Said, pool pumps need some troubleshooting and maintenance from time to time arrows that is located at job. Diverter plate and away from the storm about variable how to turn off pool pump pump save you money to! Is providing the correct path to find your solution is complete, you agree to terms... S turnover rate ranges from 6 – 10 hours plug for the year it will itself. Post by katied » Tue 26 Jun, 2018 11:22 my pool pump 4 ) on. On at the breaker back on GFCI ) is a wet area it should a NIGHT ''. 4 ) turn on the pump simply turn off the pool pump gets hot.
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